Have you read the Inman Article “The 5 Biggest Mistakes that Seller’s Make”seller mistake #3 – staying home during a showing. Fortunately, I very seldomsee this in our area. However, I would like to add #6 – Failing to take the competitioninto consideration. Our area has a lot of new construction, making it superimportant to present yourself as “like new” or “move-in-ready” as possible. Before yousettle on a price point, or go active on the market, have your agent take youaround to the competition. Exceeding or at least matching the Buyer’s expectations will get you a faster, and better offer. So, check out the competition before going active. Find out what amenities and condition is like with your competitors home. That way you can better it with your home! At the very least you now know what the Buyer’s are expecting to find in a home at your price point.

Remember, how you live in yourhome, while its on the market, isn’t the same as how you live in your homewhile not on the market. You can go to work, without making your bed, when you’renot on the market, or leave dirty dishes in the sink. If you do either when you’re on the market, you can bet that will be the day someone schedules a tour!!